Top 10 benefits of massage therapy

Updated: Mar 9

The stress factors in our daily lives are increasing drastically. Let it be submitting an assignment, completing your boss’s deadline, preparing for your upcoming exams or even something as basic as our routine, compels stress boosters in our mind. These activities can have huge effect on our mental health, eventually reducing our efficiency.COVID-19 has contributed a lot to these circumstances. These quarantine periods have increased anxiety and stress attacks so much, that people all around are surrounded with negativity only. Even though we people are with our close ones and family members, but such long periods of inside stay have created a frustrating loneliness.

Stress can be both physical and mental. This can physically occur within muscles after injury that causes a buildup of tension, eventually resulting in an increase in pain. Mental stress is majorly caused by a body hormone that is called as cortisol. This hormone can also result in increases anxiety and depression rates. There are various methods, nowadays which can reduce stress and increase activeness. Massage is one of the best and the easiest way which reduces stress enzymes in our brain and has innumerous benefits on our mental as well as physical health. This article aims to acquaint you well with the top 10 benefits of massage therapy. Let’s have a look together.

1. Manage anxiety and depression

In a world full of innumerous depression and anxiety patients, relaxation from stress factors that everybody wants irrespective of the fact, how much they need to pay for this. Massage therapy offers you at the most reasonable price. Reduced stress is an incomparable benefit that can be gained through massage. Everybody reacts differently to stress, while some are not able to sleep, while others suffer from skin issues, for some there is an increase in heart rate, while for others there is an increase in the rate of breathing, while for some there is an increase in anxiety rate. Massage can help all of these by eliminating the main cause that is stress and encouraging relaxation throughout your body.

2. Ease pain

What can be the real cause of pains? Of course, I cannot just simply say stress! That will be exaggerating. But, for sure pain can be relieved a bit through massage therapies. Have you ever heard about various incredible benefits warm oil can offer to your body? The relaxation that you get from massages can help you get rid of all the muscular pains that are not specifically because of any disease.

3. Improve sleep

Increased stress decreases the ability to get a restful night’s sleep. Massage enhances your sleep quality that gradually results in increasing your productivity and preparing you for the next day of yours. As massage promotes relaxation, it helps encourage a better sleep state. Thus, a simple massage can make your whole day!

4. Massage reduces blood pressure:

Massage reduces blood pressure. Positive results can be seen even after one massage only also. By promoting a relaxed state, massage can lower stress levels, which gradually in turn lowers blood pressure. Although it should be noticed that massage works differently for different body structures, for some (mostly) it may help in reducing blood pressure, but for some it can also lead to increase in blood pressure. So, do concern a specialist first.

5. Raise alertness

Massage triggers a relaxation response. This indirectly or say directly impacts your potential and productive strength. The more relaxed you are, the more you can focus and the more productive you are! A simple therapy can directly change your entire mood and help you to make the most of all of your activities.

6. Improves Blood Circulation:

As it is a known fact, that warm oil or water increases blood circulation, and there are innumerable advantages of increased blood circulation; such as good hair growth, relieves stress, keeps your body active and skin healthy, and many more. Let me mention some of the highlighted benefits specifically that I can ensure you with my personal guarantee.

Ø Long hair with smooth and silky texture.

Ø Red hot glowing skin

Ø Keeps you active every time.

Ø Keeps your body warm.

Ø Rejuvenates skin and prevents it from damages.

7. Stop headaches

Till now, I have made my points clear enough that this point need not need any explanation further. But still, let me proceed with it! Just a simple thing is, you usually get headaches because of stress and anxiety, if you just get relieved from your stress issue, why not the headache will stop? Surely, it will. Let’s assume there is some other reason for your headache, we have a solution for this also! Once your body gets relaxed, you will no longer feel any headache, irrespective of the fact from where it developed!

8. Prolong your youthful glow

Massage helps in increasing relaxation, reduce pain and improve a person's overall mood and it gives people time to rejuvenate, and refocus. As I just mentioned, that warm oil or water increases blood circulation, and there are innumerable advantages of increased blood circulation and how beneficial increase in blood circulation can be for our skin! Massage therapies can literally help you out with a glowing and younger skin. You will be able to see the results even after only a single massage.

9. Ease painful medical treatments

Medical treatments can be horrible for your mental health. Some treatments can lead to increased stress and of course you have to go through unbearable pain also. Massage can help you out with this! Just try this for once on my suggestion and I am sure you are never going to regret your decision.

10. Ease pregnancy pains

Pregnancy pains can be devastating. Warm oils can relieve you to the level that you cannot even expect. Plus, it helps you to get your mood swings calm down. And, most importantly, it helps the baby also and provides it the most required peace. The happier the mom is, the happier the baby will be!

Summing up, as it has been perfectly said that every coin has two sides. But, here I contradict this statement; you cannot find even a single negative impact of warm oil massages for your body. Can you? Here, I rest my case!

So, this article aimed at acquainting you well with the various benefits that you can avail from massage therapies. I hope this made justice to your queries and confusion and you are sorted with your chaos. If you are still left with some questions, we at Daylesford Traditional Chinese Massage are always here to help you with any of your questions related to massages. And we are open for all the suggestions every time. Also understand that each client heals differently and you need not compare yourself with others.

So, if you are looking for the Best Traditional massage company in Daylesford in Australia, your search is over! We at Daylesford Traditional Chinese Massage are available for all your queries in context of massage therapies. You can visit our parlor in Daylesford and we ensure the best and the most affordable service for our clients. We give exclusive attention to our client’s preferences besides from the extended range of treatments that we provide.

Our exclusive treatments are vast and include a variety of therapies for our clients. Our main services in the list include the following:

Ø Remedial Massage

Ø Traditional Cupping

Ø Prenatal Massage

Ø Foot Reflexology with Hot Towel

Ø Relaxation Massage- Light & Gentle

Ø Deep Tissue Massage- Firm & Strong

These are only few of the services from the list of vast services we provide. For more information do visit our website: A massage with us is a must do when in beautiful Daylesford. After enjoying one of our relaxing, remedial or deep tissue massages, you will leave feeling blissful, energized and completely transformed. We incorporate trigger point therapy, acupressure and hot stones into our massage sessions and each treatment is tailored to meet your individual needs. We are sure you will be visiting us again once you experience a massage with us at our beautiful studio in a convenient central location.

So, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment now to avail this incredible service that we provide in such an organized, feasible and affordable manner! See you there!

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