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7 Massage types : Choose the best massage for you

Updated: Mar 9

Whether it’s your initial or fiftieth massage, you would possibly not realize the numerous sorts of massages that exist. There’s a spread of massage medical aid varieties that have unbelievable mental and physical health advantages (commonly below the heading of therapeutic massage), whereas serving totally different functions. Today, we’ll explore seven of the foremost common styles of massage and also the variations between them. when reading, you’ll not solely be a lot of hip on the advantages of massage and selecting the simplest massage for you, however you’ll be one step nearer to relaxation.

Before booking your next massage session, it’s vital to initially verify the aim for your massage. area unit you seek pain relief, stress relief, or simply expertise the relief process? maybe, you're seeking a massage session to enrich your therapy efforts? It’s vital to speak this together with your massage healer so that they will tailor their service to suit your wants.

1.Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the most common form of massage. well-known for its soft, long, kneading strokes combined with shorter, metric sound strokes, this type of massage uses lightweight to moderate pressure to accommodate for your comfort level. massage medical aid includes 5 totally different styles of strokes.

• Effleurage: a sleek, long stroke wont to relax soft tissue

• Petrissage: kneading, rolling, and lifting movements

• Friction: deep, circular movements or wringing meant to extend blood flow

• Tapotement: music, alternating faucets finished cupped hands, fingers, or fringe of the hand

• Vibration: rocking and shaking movements massage relieves muscle tension and provides full-body muscle relaxation. It may be useful in ill from AN injury.

2. Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage offers attention to painful hassle spots on the body. It targets muscle knots (areas of tension inside the muscle fiber) and drawback areas in deeper muscle layers and animal tissue.

Massage therapists can use slow, firm, a lot of intense strokes or friction to assist relieve pain from repetitive strain, bodily property issues, injuries, and tight or painful muscles. Deep tissue massage ought to ne'er hurt, although the strokes area unit a lot of intense.

This type of massage may be useful in treating repetitive stress injuries, chronic pain conditions and injuries that cause restricted quality.

3. Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages involve hot stones (usually an igneous rock known as volcanic rock that retains heat) placed on totally different components of the body. The stones could also be left in situ or used as massage tools by a massage healer. This heat on the body’s muscles encompasses a quiet, healing result and will increase blood flow to the realm, also as loosens muscles.

Hot stone massage may be wont to treat muscle injuries by reducing stiffness and discomfort.

4. Sports Massage

Sports massages manipulate the body’s soft tissues and concentrate on bound muscle teams obsessed on the athlete’s sport. typically used for those that play sports or exercise often, sports massage helps stop and treat injuries, scale back muscle pain, correct muscle imbalances, improve flexibility, and enhance athletic performance.

Sports massage involves quicker strokes than massage and will embrace alternative massage techniques like compression, point medical aid, friction, and joint mobilization.

5. Reflexology

Reflexology relies on the conception of ‘reflex areas’ on the hands and feet, whose energy is believed to be connected to alternative components of the body. In an exceedingly reflexology session, a massage healer can use hand, thumb, and finger techniques like kneading and rubbing on bound areas of the feet.

These techniques promote relaxation , healing, health and upbeatness. By applying pressure to reflex points, reflexologists commit to balance your system and stimulate endorphins to alleviate discomfort.

6.Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage has a history in ancient Chinese drugs, however may be a style of Japanese bodywork. Acupressure means ‘finger pressure’ in Japanese. It involves a massage healer mistreatment metric, localized pressure with their fingers, hands or elbows on bound G-Jo points on the body. These points area unit area unit believed to enhance the body’s energy flow and regain balance.

Shiatsu massage may be useful in increasing energy, ill from AN injury, and stimulating the systema digestorium. unremarkably wont to scale back stress and stress-related health problems, acupressure massage may be effective for conditions like inflammatory disease, insomnia, and sinus issues.

7. Thai Massage

Thai massage may be a more bracing style of massage, incorporating power-assisted yoga, passive stretching, and pressing massage movements. Thai massage tries to align the body’s energies and through a session, the massage healer can move and stretch you in numerous postures.

Thai massage uses metric compression of muscles, mobilization of the joints, and G-Jo to cut back stress and improve flexibility. It will facilitate treating back pain, balance issues, and even symptoms of migraines.

So whether or not you've got neck pain or sports injuries or simply want some pampering, a massage medical aid program with a professional massage medical aid service supplier could also be the proper next step for you. confirm you review your anamnesis, level of pain, and level of comfort together with your massage healer before diving in.

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