Facial Massage and spa in daylesford massage, spa is also available

Massage & Facial packages

Melt into our 90 minutes of facial and massage bliss. This treatment is designed with you and only you in mind. Split your time however you prefer, for massage lovers we can do 60 minutes of massage with a 30-minute facial or for facial lovers we can do 60 minutes of facial and 30 minutes of massage. Can’t decide? Let’s do a 50/50. 90 minutes of pure bliss tailored to you.

​This treatment smooths, soothes & hydrates. Begin with a thorough cleanse and double exfoliation before being massaged into pure relaxation bliss. While the hydrating mask works its magic, relax with head massage and trigger points. We target skin irritations and congestion to give you a deep cleanse and include a calming massage to the face, neck and shoulders to relieve tension and relax the nerves.

This treatment is focused on giving the skin powerful revitalisation, not just nurture. The scrub and massage technique is designed to work intensively to produce impressive softness that has to be seen to be believed. Epsom Salt contains magnesium sulphate which helps relieve muscle soreness, joint pain and also great benefits to recover musculoskeletal injuries like sprains and bruises. 

Massage & Back Scrub with Epsom Salt Combo

Facial Packages

90mins $170  | 120mins $210

Treatment Overview:

  • Hot stone therapy

  • Hot towels

  • Foot reflexology

  • Facial massage

  • Back scrub with Epsom Salt