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Reduced stress may be a profit usually gained through massage. Massage helps in increasing relaxation, reducing pain and up somebody's overall mood and it offers folks time to rejuvenate, and refocus.
Massage triggers a relaxation response. everyone reacts otherwise to worry, whereas some don't seem to be able to sleep, whereas others suffer from skin problems, for a few there's a rise in pulse, whereas for others there's a rise within the rate of respiration, whereas for a few there's a rise in anxiety rate.
Massage will facilitate this by encouraging relaxation.So, if you're searching for the simplest ancient massage company in Daylesford in Australia, your search is over! We tend to at Daylesford ancient Chinese Massage square measure offered for all of your queries in the context of massage therapies.
you'll visit our parlor in Daylesford and that we make sure the best and therefore the most reasonable service for our purchasers.

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Massage  Therapy - Service Areas

***All massage treatments includes Hot Towel

Remedial Massage

Registered for Health fund Rebates

45mins $80 60mins $100 |  90mins $145 120mins $190

A deep therapeutic massage restores your muscles to their former glory with a personalised treatment. The treatment will target your injuries and strains to improve and maintain your body’s function, aid in recovery, prevent injury and reduce stress.

A remedial massage involves the use of different massage techniques, including deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, oxygenate the blood and increase circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Firm & Strong Pressure

30mins $60 | 45mins $80 | 60mins $100 

   This deeply stimulating massage gets right into knots and problem areas of muscles. Deep Tissue Massage is designed to focus on the deeper layers of the muscle tissue. It aims to release the chronic aches and pains in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure. A great treatment for people with tension in areas such as neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back and legs. Deep tissue massage is also a great way for active individuals to release and remove built-up toxins from the body.

Relaxation Massage

Light & Gentle

30mins  $50 | 45mins  $70 | 60mins  $90 

   A Relaxation Massage can provide a much-needed break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life by calming your nerves and allowing muscles throughout your body to relax. It’s the perfect massage for someone seeking head to toe pampering. The massage technique involves long, fluid strokes , light and gentle pressure to decrease stress and tension. This massage technique is also helpful for people with poor circulation. The pressure maintained throughout the session is gentle.

Foot Reflexology with Hot Towel

30mins $50 | 45mins $70 | 60mins $90*

   Foot Reflexology is the manipulation of tissues to relax the muscles, relieve tension, and improve circulation. This can improve overall health and well-being. Also it uses a targeted, pressure-point massage to restore the flow of energy throughout the body. The treatment usually focuses on the feet.


   *45mins Inc: 15mins Neck & Shoulders

   *60minsInc: Neck, Shoulders, Knees, Cavies & Feet with Hot Stone.

Prenatal Massage

60mins $100 | 90mins $150 | 120mins $200

​   A relaxing and nurturing Prenatal Massage specifically tailored to the needs of the mother to be. During a pregnancy massage, the mother’s body is properly positioned and supported with different sized pregnancy pillows which allow you to lie on your side. Relieve common aches and pains associated with pregnancy and feel good in your changing body.

      *Treatment only available after the first trimester


Traditional Cupping Therapy

30mins $50 | 60mins $100

Cupping Session- 30mins $50

10mins Warm-up Massage

20mins Traditional Cupping Therapy

Massage & Cupping Combination- 60mins $100

(Health Fund Rebates)

40mins Remedial Massage

20mins Traditional Cupping Therapy